What’s with all the Purple?

In the years leading up to Reading’s last birthday bash – the 350th anniversary of 1994 – the steering committee held a contest to choose a logo. Judith Hunt Gabriel won the contest with a logo done in purple pen. The choice of design was unanimous, but the color was another thing. Some in the group were happy with the symbol of the celebration as presented, while others argued that the design was great, but maybe a different color would be more fitting. No one could quite agree on what color that would be though.

Meanwhile, there was a marketing subcommittee working on developing a look and feel for the anniversary as a whole. Discussed were font styles, sizes and, of course, color. The sub-group wanted to develop a uniform and original theme that would become so entwined with the celebration that it screamed “350th.”

The matter was settled for both groups in serendipitous fashion. Deep in the records of the 250th celebration from a century before was found one line that said: “The Bank Building was adorned in purple felt bunting …”

After that, there was no more discussion. Purple it was, throughout those celebratory two weeks in 1994, and purple it is for 2019.

Let’s keep up the tradition. During the first two weeks of June, look for the color purple all around town. You and your family can join in the celebration – decorate your house in purple lights, hang out some purple bunting, plant purple flowers, and wear your purple Reading 375 t-shirt proudly this spring.

About Reading 375: Reading 375 is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization whose goal is to bring our community together to celebrate Reading’s 375th anniversary in 2019. Events will occur over a two week period, from May 31 – June 15, and will include local artists and musicians, architecture unique to Reading, and fun community gatherings. The Reading 375 Steering Committee hopes to create a town-wide celebration of Reading’s rich history and exciting future. Commemorative anniversary t-shirts are available at Reading Trophy and Shirt and RCTV Studios. Limited edition Reading375 pins are available at Whitelam Books, Reading Cooperative Bank, and RCTV Studios for $3.75. To learn more and stay informed, like and follow Reading 375 on Facebook and check out our website at reading375.com.

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