If This House Could Talk

The houses in Reading have something to say

– let’s hear it!


The week of May 31st – June 15th, 2019 you are encouraged to let your house speak as part of the Reading 375th Celebration. 

Start the conversation and research now, to find out about your house. Every home has a story to share. Perhaps you already know something about your house or one of your neighbor’s. Did something happen during a renovation? Digging in the yard? Who built it? Who lived there? What was the land used for before? Why did you move there? Let’s also share the stories of ghosts, and notables, and peculiar findings, as well as architecture and lineage. Add a picture or a drawing if you like. Make it a family project. Make it a block party project. Have some fun!

Here in Reading many of the downtown businesses have stories to tell too….parts of Haven and Main Streets have structures that date back to the 1800s and early 1900s. We encourage local businesses to participate!

For help investigating the history of your house, there will be some workshops moderated by our local historians. The next workshop will be sponsored by the Friends of Parker Tavern Saturday, March 30th from 9:30 am – 12 pm. RSVP to hold space by emailing parkertavern325@gmail.com.

More resources:

    1. The History room at the Reading library – especially the book “At Wood End”,  the Reading Street Listings, and early Town Reports naming a few. 
    2. The Town’s historic inventory
    3. The state’s online historic house database, which has many Reading homes: http://mhc-macris.net
    4. The Middlesex Registry of Deeds online
    5. Ancestry.com has Census information as well as Americanancestors.org

Reading 375 will supply custom signs in the shape of Parker Tavern’s silhouette that will be available in the spring. There will also be workshops at RCTV Studio for help with pulling all your information together. This is a case where less can be more. See examples below from neighboring Newburyport. Be sure to confirm your participation with an email to ReadingITHCT@gmail.com by Friday, May 17th, so we can add it to an online map and a paper map handout. Include your address and send an HD photo of your sign so we can create an archive.

Sign up here to learn more or email Readingithct@gmail.com