We’ve had a tremendous response. Thank you all so much. We currently have enough host porches but still have some time slots open for music.

What is it?

PorchFest, a part of the Reading 375 anniversary celebration, is an afternoon of music taking place throughout the town. Live bands will perform on porches, decks, front yards, and driveways, and all are free and open to the public. The event is volunteer-driven: music, hosts, and committee.


On June 8, at noon the music will begin. The day is divided into three time segments:

Noon – 2 pm

2 pm – 4 pm

4 pm – 6 pm


How to get involved

The bands do not have to be from Reading. Any band can apply to take part and will donate their time and talents. With permission of the property owners, bands are allowed to place “tip jars” out and sell merchandise. Bands are asked for a Jpeg photo and a short MP3 sound sample. The committee has final say on suitability, but we are looking for all genres of music.

The venues must be in town. The website allows for porch registration. If you have a suitable venue on your property and are willing to play host to a musical group, please let us know. Use of bathrooms is solely at the discretion of the property owners, although your decision should be made clear to the public. Hosts are asked to inform their neighbors before volunteering.

Bands and venues can be matched any one of three ways. A host can apply with a specific music group in mind; A band can volunteer without a venue, and hosts can offer their porch, without a particular band in mind. In the last two scenarios, the committee will do its best to match them up. In all cases, the hosts are responsible for trash and recycling receptacles, electricity, and coordinating logistics with performers.

Does it have to be a porch?

No. Any suitable venue, such as a front lawn, a driveway, a deck, or backyard may work just fine. The committee will make the decisions on suitability, taking into consideration such items as the size of lot and road traffic.